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The Patriotic Alliance (PA) is a nonracial, non-sexist and democratic political party organising support across South Africa.


The PA positions itself as a champion of the people, with the understanding that while its principles may overlap with those of other parties, the PA is the political alternative that will bring tangible delivery of change in this lifetime for the majority of South Africans.


The PA is an economically centrist party that understands that economic growth is dependent on free-market conditions, but that rampant capitalism encourages only greed and the exploitation of the poor.


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Welcome to the official website of the Patriotic Alliance, we would like to take the time to invite you to join us on our journey.

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learn more about the Patriotic Alliance

The PA will always identify with the masses so that economic emancipation for the disadvantaged is realised. But the PA will address this growing need by using sound principles of how to grow and manage a flourishing economy that rewards and encourages hard work, innovation and excellence, while creating opportunities for more people to express themselves in society and realise their potential.

Why you should vote

Voting is an essential element of democracy, and it provides citizens with the opportunity to have a say in the decision-making process of the country. In South Africa, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is responsible for conducting free and fair elections. To participate in the electoral process, citizens must be registered to vote.

The PA supports the economic empowerment of the poor and will develop and promote policies and actions that lead to truly broad-based economic empowerment, with the understanding that those members of society who are part of the formerly disadvantaged categories of persons designated by apartheid policy stand to gain the most from such empowerment.


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